How to wash glassware for cell/tissue culture

  • Disinfect your glassware, media and cells.
  • Rinse the glassware with water, rub all the cell debris with brush and rinse with water x3
  • Fill the glassware with water, add bleach to 10% and incubate 1 hour (30 mins to 2 hours)
  • Rinse it with water x3
  • Fill the glassware with water, add 7X MP Biomedicals detergent 1% and incubate at least 3 hours (better to be o/n)
  • Rinse with water x3
  • Send it to facility washing
  • Autoclave with DI water
  • Autoclave dry with thick aluminum cover.

How to disinfect cell/tissue culture surfaces

  • Use 70% isopropanol to wipe all the surfaces
  • Additionally use 70% ethanol if you worked with viruses
  • Use 10% bleach if you spilled virus.
    • First clean the surface with tissue papers
    • Clean with 70% ethanol and dry with tissue papers
    • Clean with 10% bleach (You should incubate metal surfaces with 10% bleach no more than 5 minutes)
    • Wipe with tissue papers
    • Clean with excess 70% ethanol to remove all the residual bleach
  • Both ethanol and isopropanol are very effective at 70% concentration, higher and lower concentrations are less effective.
  • 70% ethanol is effective against most viruses except non-enveloped viruses
  • 70% isopropanol is not effective against viruses but better disinfectant than 70% ethanol for bacteria, yeast and etc.


Click to access Verbeck%20Lab%20Protocol%20for%20Disinfection%20of%20Cell%20Culture%20052212%20GV.pdf